I am a gun owner and I support the 2nd amendment, however I do not support Assault rifles or extended clips be available to anyone that is not trained by the Military or Law Enforcement. If you are not Retired or Active in one of these, you are not trained on an assault weapon.

Oh I am sure someone is going to say (LMAO) "I can out shoot any of those you suggest"! WOW I am so impressed!! How are you when someone is shooting back at you, with intent to kill you? How well are you trained to handle the fact you just killed someone? How well are you trained to deal with the fact that you were put in a situation that you had to use your weapon or die??

Knowing how to handle an assault weapon is so much more then "look paw I can out shoot that man" freak'in attitude! There are some of the best shooters ever trained coming out of the US military. But there came a day when they had to look at that weapon and know it was the only thing that is going to keep them alive if properly used. And I would be willing to bet that everyone of them prayed that the day would never come that they had to do just that. It is after making that decision and being put in that position that the real assault rifle training will show. To be trained on how to mentally handle the use of an assault rifles intended use.



By the way, If you psychos want to shoot unarmed people take a trip to DC, lots of morons there!

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