EV:  I think the Government is going about the future of transportation wrong. You do not force the cost of a massive change in the worlds transportation means onto the everyday consumer! Their infrastructure bill money should be going toward low cost/free mass transit systems. Not only for local alternatives but cross country. These transit systems should be at a cost so low that consumers want to use it instead of it just being available to them. That would be the smart way of doing it, but who ever said politicians were smart.


EV Batteries: Currently the cost of the batteries is what is driving the cost of the EVs. The number of changes that are going to affect the cost of purchasing a EV are going to be dramatic. Current EV have about 330 miles on average per charge. Tesla has a battery that can go 800 plus miles currently and Toyota has just announced it has a battery capable of going over 600 miles and is a lot smaller then current battery sizes.


EV cost: Driven by multitude of reasons, such as, extraction methods of lithium, battery manufacturing cost, automotive parts cost, etc. But technology is stepping in to help with that. Tesla in conjunction with their business partners in the lithium extraction business have found a way to speed up the process by more than 100 times faster then previous methods. Lithium batteries for operating EVs continue to be advanced in reducing their size, capabilities and ease of exchange. (personally, I figure in a couple more years you will be able to switch out your EV batteries the way we currently switch batteries on our power tools). Then you have the automotive parts and once again technology to the rescue. Tesla has started manufacturing their parts in house. In other words their ability to injection mold by color of automotive parts will lower the cost of EV considerably. (once again every action has a reaction) With companies like tesla developing quicker more efficient ways of producing the parts they need will come a dramatic shift in the automotive industry that will cost jobs.


It is obvious that the government did not think the EV future through. Knowing that every action has a reaction, one big effect of the EV expansion is the cost of our electric bills. CA has already had issues where they were asking people not to charge their cars between certain hours of the day to support AC increase uses at that heated time of day. Then you have the "rapid" charging stations at (lol) gas stations, now this use electricity that is wired to the gas station or whatever facility they are attached to, who pays for that electricity? Having never used a charging station do you put your CC in like at the gas pumps? if so at what rate are you charged? if not, does the increase in cost of electricity charged to the facility that is providing it? how nice of them.





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