My first reaction to this subject is easy: I do not recall anywhere that GOD said Humans would not evolve!

more .......WHY?

We as the human species have evolved in many ways from the days of the Neanderthal. We have seen evolution of the brain and its capacity, we have seen social evolvement in great strides. We have evolved with our medical abilities and YES we have evolved physically since those days. God gave us the ability to figure out how to evolve as a species. When diseases spawned their ugly heads and killed people, we used those abilities to develop the means to fight them. We did this through vaccines and immunizations, all developed thru our species ability to adapt and discover, evolve! Then we had to start figuring out how to make our food supply better thru evolvement of better agriculture, chemicals and preservatives. Then we advance our abilities to travel, making the world more accessible and closer together, which produces all kinds of bad stuff for us to breath.

With all this, that God did not introduce to humans or look to the future to see their long term effects on the human species, do you really believe that there would be no evolvement of the human species to adapt to this environment that MANKIND has created.

AGAIN I SAY: God never said humans would not evolve.

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