If you did not know or have not been paying attention with the exception of a few countries, the worlds population is shrinking.

The war in Ukraine is about their 30 million population that Russia wants as registered Russians. The Russian population has been shrinking by a million per year since the late 90's. That is to say over a million more people die every year there than is born. They need people and Ukraine is just the start. And now they have sent 100's of thousands of their breeding age men to their deaths. Demographers say Russia may not recover for generations to come, if ever.

China, with its current population of approximately 1.3 billion IS going to lose somewhere in the vicinity of 700 million of its population over the next 70 years, this is a fact that they can do nothing about (as far as catching up the birth rate). So Tawain and its population is looking mighty tempting to China. To think of China in another way, think of all those cheap products being made there when the population is cut in half.

U.S.A. Now we are going about it a different way. We are going to attack women's right and the LBGQT community. If the Governing bodies attacking these issues are so concerned about the population why would you be so adamantly against immigration (not a question). I would guess, based upon other issues these government officials want to support, is that its about race. Now in defense of these government officials, the job market is going to become an increasing problem to fill positions. Not only with the population decline, but with the idea of increasing births comes women not working, child care expenses, etc. 

Now you could say an answer would be automation, OK, how far are you willing to take that automation. AI is becoming bigger and bigger, reliance (not convenience) on electronics in our day to day living and some experts are saying that AI is evolving at a very fast rate. Now I have seen ALL 3 Terminators, not so sure I trust putting to much of my life in AI hands. Hell their probably scanning this, LOL!

The reality of the population decline is quite easy to explain. At the turn of the 20th century it was common for couples to have 6 or more kids (hell both my side grandparents had kids numbering in the teens). By the 1950s that was being reduced to 4-6 kids and by the 70s 3-4, 90s 1-2 and since the turn of the 21st century, what 0 to 1 awe lets say some at 2, rare to see more. A lot of that is changing of times, more women in the workplace is just one of those contributing factors. You cannot rule out the increase in the LBGQT community around the world as not being a factor either.

Children have always been a priority to family, but the future may hold a whole different perspective of children. It is funny how movies have a tendency to imitate life, but, it happens too often. Children may soon become more of a commodity then ever in our history of mankind. The declining populations around the world and countries recruiting citizens to move to their countries. It is only a matter of time before Governments (already happening) and criminals realize the true value of births and children.


UPDATE: MIT has just released a statement that they have successfully had a ROBOT give birth to 2 baby girls. Now this is very concerning to me as it should be to others. Its not totally overly concerning with what the good guys might do with this technology, but what is concerning is what implications there are for the bad guy use. example: at what rate of time from conception to birth, 9 months? or is that controlled by the Robot? Can you imagine the consequences of this technology if the birth of a child is expedited!


HAPPY "world population day" (July 11). The world population has reached 8 billion. But there is a transition happening that will affect the balance of the population to come. China, Japan, Germany, U.S. and more are facing dramatic population declines by the year 2100 while countries like India and Nigeria continue to grow rapidly. India has now passed China as the most populous and Nigeria will match the US population by the year 2050. The 8 billion we have reached will start to decline much faster than the world will give births. If power is surmised by population, a shift in power will come with time. 





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