*Who is the greatest Democrat? Trump....no one has given the Democrats more wins then Trump!!!

*First and foremost: Anyone believing Trump would not turn on this country is fooling themselves. Trump is the worst type of human being. If John Gotti and crew would have done their due diligence in the 80's Trump would have been wearing cement shoes in the east river. But Noooo the FBI and Russians had to get involved.

*The only difference between Trump and Gotti is, Gotti used hitmen, Trump uses lawyers, but they both destroy lives to advance their own.

*Have you ever noticed, everyone that has been part of trumps past businesses all end up getting prosecuted or end up flat ass broke. He destroys all who assist him, people are no more then a commodity to people like trump. He will use you until you have no more vantage for him in your current arrangement with him, then he will determine if destroying you will further benefit him.


*I would be willing to bet that over half of Trump followers would not even have heard of him if it wasn't for his TV show. It can't be because of his policies, because he has none, everything he did in office was the work of his fellow republicans that he now calls RINOs.


*Hey Trump, isn't the fatherland (whoops, nazi's referred to their homeland as fatherland), motherland, Russia, calling you home? There should be an opening for an Authoritarian in the near future. If Russian history continues its ways, Putin and his family will all be executed. Thus creating a spot for you to fill in!!!

*Trump's whole demeanor for doing business is to destroy those that stand in is way. He does it verbally and with lawyers, which has been his M.O. since becoming an adult (never a man). He is very successfully doing that to the Republican party and quite frankly the U.S. He divides and conquers using any legal, illegal, ethical or immoral means that he can pay for.

*President Ronald Reagan once gave reference to walking like a bunch of Drunken Sailors, Never bothered me because I respected President Reagan. But to hear Trump make reference to "spending money like drunken sailors", IT TURNS MY STOMACH! That piece of trash does not even respect Veterans.

*With all the investigations into Trumps dump ass life you would think Jordan and the rest of the J6 criminals would be trying to stand in the way of justice in the cases of Georgia and Documents. But, all Republicans seem to be in a "shut my mouth" state of mind in those cases. Jordan for one is praying that they don't come for him, which they will, so he is staying away from that, instead he is defending his boss from rape, hush money, fraud...... actual criminal cases that have nothing to do with politics, yet Congress is forming investigative teams to investigate those that dare charge Trump for the crimes he is more than likely guilt of times about a thousand.


*Just in case, you heard here first. I believe when Trump realizes he can't win the presidency back and that he is going to go to prison for his crimes, that he will skip the country!!!

Trump continues to have to care for the laws of our country, none! On a daily bases he admits to his BS about the 2020 election and his attempts to overthrow our government. And now he just threatened anyone who has the gull to stand up to him.


*Trump continues to attack groups and citizens that are opposed to him. He lies to those who support him saying whatever pops into that orange head of his. A politician with "any" class and respect for the US would know that those groups and those citizens are merely expressing their opposition to his trying to take our country from us.



more to come..... 

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