Lets start Immigration with this, read the page population first!


The US population is declining rather quickly, not as quick as Russia or China, but it is declining. When it comes to immigration understand that the US CANNOT catch up the population by breeding!! THE UNITED STATES WAS FOUNDED BY IMMIGRATION YOU DUMBASSES IN DC!! 

When Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of people from both Ukraine and Russia fled those countries. Those Immigrants fled to countries that are no bigger the most of our states. Yet never was there a word coming out of those receiving countries complaining about the huge amount of persons arriving at their boarders. Here we are with a country bigger then all of the EU and we throw massive fits about 150K of immigrants escaping from countries that are being attacked from within the same as Ukraine is being attack from the outside. Then the icing on the cake is that almost every employer in America needs people. All those jobs that we as Americans "DON'T" want to do are open. And whether certain Gov't officials want to admit it or not, we cannot fill the gap in population thru births. 


Russia would have to allow at least 1.5 million immigrants into Russia per YEAR for the next 20 years to catch up on their population.


China does not have a chance in any form of Immigration to begin to correct the loss of population they are going to suffer over the next 70 years.


Just about every country in the modern world is trying to increase their population. They are doing so thru incentives to have additional babies, to having State financed daycare to Immigration. With this Immigration, in some countries, they are offering extremely cheap houses to purchase (Italy). While others are offering cash for resettlement to their countries. The US is attacking the gay community and abortion rights, while at the same time trying to close our boarders from Immigration. Knowing that Immigration is a large part of any country's growth, you have to ask why we would want to close our boarders. The answer is we don't want to stop Immigration, we want to stop WHO is Immigrating.


You would think that for a country that was built on immigration you would have in place a system in which processing immigrants would be a normal daily practice. But in the US we spend that money on building walls (physically and socially) to keep people out. If it was not for immigration and technology the citizens of the US (myself included) would be at wits end with how much physical labor we would have to do.



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