**first reaction, what a bunch of fuckin psychos! personally I put them in the same grouping as say the KKK. It is most noted is that both groups hid their identity when they are flexing their existence in public. Now, I don't know how most people feel about listening to a bunch of "hid my face" lunatics, but I will not support a person that feels they must hide their appearance to promote their cause! 

**I have witnessed racism and its ugly features. I have witnessed multiple cultures verbally and physically attack another culture strictly for being that culture. Racism is not limited to whites although you would think the way the news portrays it that it is. I have seen and been subject to what the media refers to as "reverse" racism, (hey media, there is no "reverse", it's all RACISM. It does not matter what race the initiator or the recipient is, its RACISM) and it is a strong driving force in some people.


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