10May23: Today Kevin McCarthy stated "I think in America, you're innocent till proven guilty! I am guessing Kevin that the guilty you are referring to is by a Jury of Americans?? Now who do we all know that was just found guilty by a jury of Americans??? And Kevin, should an individual found "Guilty" by a jury of Americans (registered voters) be allowed to be the face of AMERICA!

10May23: Abortion, so there are many gov't officials that are working their butts off to restrict abortions. I am sure the majority of them actually believe that they are fighting against abortions due to religious beliefs. But as a whole, that is not the real reason they fight against abortions, population is. Now that they want to force the additional births on Americans what are they going to do about, feeding, housing, medical care, daycare, etc. It's easy to sit on top of Capitol hill and say we need to grow our population, lets attack women's rights and the gay community. But in reality, we as a country cannot even house, feed or provide proper care for the citizens we already have. DO THE JACKASSES IN DC EVER THINK AHEAD???

12May23: With all the complaints by the Republican controlled congress, fact check: "The U.S. Congress provided less than half of the $4.9 billion that the DHS requested to prepare for the lifting of title 42". This is just a prime example of how the Republican Party continues to complain about everything That is troubling in the U.S. but refuse to do anything to change it.

13May23: Which is going to come first A. the zombie apocalypse or B. era of the terminator? In Ukraine there have been reports from the front lines questioning whether the Russians are under the influence of some kind of drug. This question has arisen because Ukrainians have witnessed Russians taking kill shots and keep coming! Then you have the Patriot missile system, by far the best air defense made. Recently in Ukraine a patriot system defended itself from an attack from a super sonic missile. The military stated that the patriot system operated "autonomously", which means the system has the freedom to govern itself. So again the question is, A or B?

18May23: Russia, When the lose this war and Putin disappears, the country is going to be a mess in all manner imagined. We are talking political, economical and social to name a few. My point I am evading to is WHO is going to want to run that country? Seriously! The "news" (it should be listed in webster as a comedy skit) has a tendency to throw Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner mercenaries, might me vying for the job. Personally, I see him trading sides. Not just to be a traitor, but to gain favor with the Ukraine's even if that support would be untrusted.

20May23: Immigration, Wow Republicans, I cannot believe the massive swamping of immigrants we have endured since the termination of title 42. Just another of their Maga bullshit sound and alarm and stir up the masses! Trump and his cronies do nothing by try to make the masses afraid of as much as possible and then say their (lol) the solution. The only alarm that the republicans need to be sounding is centralized Gov't control. Republicans need to quit grasping for power and start working for the people that put them there.

9July23: College: Headlines are screaming for or against the Biden forgiveness plan. Personally, I am against, primarily. because the average taxpayer ends up flipping the bill. But more importantly on the subject of college. It has unfortunately become more of a business then an educational facility. For decades government, colleges, businesses and so many more have pushed for a college education. (every action has a re-action) The effects, We now have fewer and fewer high schools graduates joining the workforce, choosing to extend their education instead. This results in a more low paying job openings, which has the dribble down effect that the now college graduates are filling jobs that are "below" their education threshold and doing so with huge amounts of debt before they even get a chance at starting their careers. If you pay attention to commercials (their trends, not product) you might start to notice more and more about not going to college. Success stories that did not require an advanced degree. People that had the drive to make a difference without that special thing that college can give you: DEBT! If the Government really truely wanted to help students with their Debt, they would get after colleges to lower their cost.







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