What's criminal of politicians now days?   The amount of "CAREER" politicians in office. Where are the "TERM LIMITs"?



Jim Jordan:  What a leader he is, first he turns his back on the students that rely on him to assist them. Then He tries to overturn a election. Then he defies a congressional subpoena. Then he launches a Weaponization committee that is more of a yell for attention in advance of his indictment for participation in Jan 6. He figures if he yells loud enough that when they come for him he will scream weaponization.

Matt Gaetz: Now he just likes the young ones, with him I would say that is a dominance thing. He knows that now full grown, intelligent woman would never put up with his pussy ass bullshit!

Ron Johnson: Now this guy has been taking his constitutes cash with no reward for the people. This guy is jus a piece of shit that believes the little people are just to piss on as he increases his wealth.

SCOTT PERRY: Now this is the man that will take the greatest fall with Trump and Guiliani. He is probably the biggest target outside the top two fish that will be prosecuted. True orchestrator of the Jan 6 riot, the key to the fake electors.

Andy Biggs:  Sorry AZ how you keep electing such a blow hole of an ass I have no idea. This guy qualifies as a true idiot. I am still trying to figure where the 1 million immigrants that the cancelling of title 42 was to bring? Question to him would be, Do you ever listen to the bullshit that comes out your foul mouth?

Majorie taylor greene: Georgia, never have I felt bad about your state (been there numerous times, loved the areas) until this woman opens her mouth. If ya'll would please specify which area of GA she represents so I can be sure to avoid that area, I would be very appreciative. Any area that would elect that I would not feel safe visiting. In her latest rant she wants to punish any republicans that don't swear loyalty to Trump and the Republican party!    

Lauren Boebert: LOL, LOL, LOL someone elected her LOL LOL LOL. This woman gets a taste of the Washington DC lifestyle and decides to ditch her husband to keep it. She knows she will not get re-elected so she is going to do whatever she has to to stay in the DC crowd. How she plans to do that I can guess, but will leave that up to your imagination.




Joe Biden: Mister force the cost of green energy on the little people instead of the government and big business. NO, big business benefits big from Mr. Joe while the average "JOE" takes it in the wallet. Hey Joe, you don't do it that way if you want success. You should be investing in MASS TRANSIT first. If you provide free/extremely inexpensive MASS transit that can take you anywhere with in CONUS (continental US). Give us alternatives that gives us the desire to use it over individual means of transportation.

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