**The simple truth is that the Republican party is no longer what it use to be. It would be better off to have the "maga" crowd become its own party. Full of Dumbasses in my opinion, but that is the nature of this web site! The Republican party has become a desperate grasp at power. Power is all the seek!

**How in the hell can any respectable, honorable true Republican stand to even be in the same country as this Congresswoman Greene. I would just like to know what part of Georgia supports her so I can avoid that area, because if you support that crackpot, I definitely would feel unsafe in your area.

**The only reason Jim Jordan is conducting all these BS investigations into gov't weaponizing is because he knows that when the DOJ starts their arrests he is going to be at the top of the list!

**Now the Republican party wants to blame a Jury for Trumps Legal conviction. What a bunch of whinny little ass wipes!

**I certainly hope that Desantis is not the Republican choice! not if they want to win the white house. Personally I would go with Sununu or Hutchenson, worse case Christy or Haley.

**Senator Graham is a traitor to the real republican party.

**Tommy Tuberville has to be the biggest dumb ass, not to mention racist, to come out of the great state of Alabama ever. This guy is a freakin Senator and is make obvious racist comments on national TV.

**DeSantis- why in the hell is a governor threating to sue a private company over their marketing losses. He is only targeting Bud because they used a member of the LBGQT community in those losses. Other big name businesses make decisions everyday that cause their stocks to fluctuate in value. Yet it is Bud that is being threatened by a Governor for the sole reason that they used a member of the LBGQT community as their marketing strategy.  

**Even though they don't realize it yet, the Republican party is dead as we knew it to be. It is time to start looking at a new party, its time to move Forward. Most of the current serving Republicans are no longer supporting the beliefs that the Republican party once stood for. They are now dictated by hatred and conspiracy. Their political agendas have nothing to do with the will or need of the American people, all they have is hatred running thru their blood. 




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